July 16, 2009

What happened to "Youtube Reviewed"?

There used to be one helluva site called "Youtube Reviewed" which would point out the most interesting videos on Youtube they could find(and damn were they interesting, and interesting). They eventually expanded to reviewing any video on the web(besides porn of coarse), bringing you pretty much the best videos the net had to offer. On top of all that they were hilarious. The little they said in their post was sometimes witty enough that you'd remember their commentary all day!

BUT they seemed to have disappeared with no warning!
This was their latest website:

What the hell? I assumed that they would pop back up eventually but it's been 3 months. They seemed to have stopped their web activity at around April 9th, all their sites:
youtubereviewed.wordpress.com/ old home, till they migrated to:

With their last post being:

I assume it was more than one person running the blog since he kept referring to himself as "we", "us", and "our". So why do several people running a blog stop all their "services" at the same time? They just shut down YoutubeReviewed as a whole? Good god why? I used to read their stuff all the time until they stopped. I post about it now because now I remember that I thought they would pop up again, which they never did. Does anyone know where the writers went? My Google Reader has all their posts from since last year September indexed if anyone needs cached posts, for whatever reason. It'd be great if they came back, I can only imagine what cool videos I'm missing.

Videos they've posted, along with their commentary:

Zombies and Sloths: Friends Forever

This video is great because it combines three of our favorite things: zombies, decapitated sloths and nearly dialogue-free animation.

Reason #273 Why Your Boyfriend is a Loser: He Doesn't Make You Cute Muppet Animations Starring Your Cat
Ladies: Scott Gairdner is the kind of guy you wish you could date. Why? Because for his girlfriend's birthday, he created this video featuring her favorite foreign muppets and her cat, Beenie.

Quick note for all the fellas out there: Don't let your girlfriends or wives see this. Because then they will realize that you are shitty boyfriends and they will all try to date Scott Gairdner.

Jason Statham is Going to Kick Diabetes in the Ass
We're not 100% sure this is how diabetes works, but we're 1,000% sure this is how every Jason Statham movie ever made works.

Big Man Japan Should Win All the Academy Awards
The more we see of Big Man Japan, the more we wish every movie ever made would feature a giant fat dude and a weird Stink Monster whose odor is "equivalent to 10,000 human feces."

In these difficult times, we know that it can be hard to reach consensus on anything. But can we all just go ahead and agree that Big Man Japan is the best movie ever made? We can? Perfect. Thanks for being so agreeable today, Internet. You're the coolest.

Guinea Pig Love
Let's start the morning off with a quiz:

What does this lady love most?

A) Captain & Tennille

B) Her guinea pig

C) Her dignity

If you answered C, you are totally and completely wrong.

Hai Karate Forces You to Punch Women
As the person who posted this video on YouTube points out, Hai Karate was rocking Axe Bodyspray's ad campaign before Axe Bodyspray was a glimmer in its old man's eye.

Who Loves Animals More Than This Guy?
Um, wow. This guy really loves animals. We've heard of people valuing their pets' companionship and whatnot, but this guy takes it to another level.

At least his love is indiscriminate; he loves dogs, cats, birds and even reptiles.

The Adventures of Longfellow and Mortimer

Gonzalo Cordova found out his great grandfather used to direct old-timey comedic silent films and posted this recently discovered gem for the whole world to enjoy.

Our favorite part is near the end when the mean man in the white shirt seems to be forcibly extracting tears from both the baby and the chimpanzee. We're not sure why he wants those tears so bad, but certainly no good can come from the stolen fluids of a baby and a diaper-wearing monkey.

Hopefully there are more films hidden away in Gonzalo's great-grandfather's stash. We are dying to know what becomes of Longfellow and Mortimer.
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