July 7, 2009

Great Emmy Rossum Pictures

Is it not the most fitting name ever? Emmy, cute little Emmy, cute little rosy Emmy, rosy little Emmy Rossum! Blogger has a 1600x1600 limit so go here for the original +3000 pixel versions

(Vogue 2007)

Gorgeous much? yes

Emmy fulfilling her daily routine of outshining the sun

Emmy busy caring about the future
(the Proposition 8 march on Santa Monica Boulevard in Los Angeles 2009-05-26)

('Dragonball Evolution' premiere in Tokyo, 10.03.2009)

Real live Cinderella

Ms. Rossum > Kittens

Well excuuuuuse you...

Paying tribute to Bulma, a DragonBall Z character

plays Bulma in the 2009 movie "Dragonbal: Evolution"


Yes, you

Beacon of light shining across the entire galaxy much? Yes

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